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You are here perhaps, by intention or even by mistake, but no less once you leave, hopefully you'll have not only a better understanding but a respect for the animals discussed.

Herpetology covers a broad field of animals from caecilians to snakes and from frogs to amphisbaenians. A little bit of who they are and why they are is covered in this website.

There are buttons on both sides of this article. On the right side, the button labelled 'Reptiles I' covers the opening reptilian discussion and tuataras, crocodilians, turtles and amphisbaenians. The 'Reptiles II' button covers lizards and snakes, while all amphibians are covered under the 'Amphibians' button. To the left are numerous short articles and the button 'Quick Facts' that has various short articles and quick facts concerning herpetology.

Hope that you enjoy your time spent here in learning or studying the animals that make-up herpetology, for to instill knowledge concerning our environment and the other animals that we share it with...only enhances our knowledge of more about ourselves.

Been nice yakkin' at ya!
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